Diversity Matters

A blended learning course to help build diverse and inclusive organizations


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Diversity Matters

In today’s workplace, diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords; they are essential to building a stronger and more profitable organization. Diverse companies earn more, grow quicker, innovate better and attract and retain the best talent. But creating a diverse and inclusive organization is not without its challenges.

Learnlight has developed Diversity Matters, an innovative blended course that examines what diversity and inclusion is, how it impacts you and your organization and how to create an inclusive environment where diversity thrives.

33% Companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are 33 per cent more likely to see higher-than-average profits than companies in the lowest quartile. (McKinsey)

The course

Diversity Matters is available in a wide variety of formats to meet your organization’s needs. Choose from a purely digital eLearning solution or a customized program with a virtual or face-to-face coach.

  • Understanding Diversity & Inclusion
  • Building Diverse Organizations
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture
  • Beyond the Business Case

Who is this for?

Diversity Matters, Learnlight’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) course has been designed with your entire organization in mind.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Learning & Development
  • Global Mobility
  • Senior Managers
  • Global employee population



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